The French Legion

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The French Legion is the monthly paintball group game

  • Anyone who is interested in and over the age of 14 can apply for the game, regardless of gender, nationality or ethnicity
  • You can apply for the game by calling us +371 22129065
  • Anyone who has applied to participate in the game will receive a game cancellation notification 72 hours before the start of the game. For the event, at least 16 players must be registered.



Duration of the event is 6 hours

There is no entry fee for the game

Everyone interested in the game can participate, regardless of their previous experience

You can apply for the game individually or in groups

Players split into two parties (German and Russian)

The goal of the game is to hang out and just have a good time

We will play 3 different tasks, each lasting 45 minutes

Between tasks there are pauses during which we rest and eat

Arrive 30 minutes before the start of the game

You can apply for the game by calling us +371 22129065



The French Legion is a sub-unit of the French Army’s Land Armed Forces, made up of volunteers from around the world. More than 136 nations serve in the Legion. Legionnaires are well trained and rewarded.

The French Legion recruits men between the ages of 17 and 40, representatives of any country and nation, as reflected in the Legion’s motto, “The Legion is our Fatherland”. Most of the legionnaires came from Germany, Italy, Belgium and Russia.

Candidates have to be ready to swear an oath of legion, serve and fight anywhere on the globe. Service in the Legion is psychologically demanding, so candidates must have strong moral standing. To be in the Legion, you have to undergo a series of health, physical and psychological tests.

    We welcome groups of 4 to 40 people

   Thematic game with tasks or free play


   Picnic area with grill, fireplace, outdoor furniture, shed

    We also offer invitations (printed, emailed or via mobile application)


The French Legion game offers only 1942 LUX game set

1942 LUX

Tippmann FT12 with 14 long barrel

1000 balls

Protective mask – anti fog (equipped with fans)

Air refill

Overalls – German or Russian

Paintball instructor

Top Level service

Field up to 2 hours

Extra 50 balls – 2.5 eur

2 hours rest at the campfire site

or call

+371 22129065

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