At first, I was excited to try the almost “no-makeup” challenge. Spending less time getting ready each morning seemed like an amazing perk. Yet, as soon as day one rolled around, I buckled under pressure.

I literally had to force myself to see past features I thought were flaws, which made me really uneasy. The thought of putting my hormonal breakouts, acne scars, and messy eyebrows on display was horrifying.

And although lipstick will always be my favorite product, applying it without foundation or at least mascara just didn’t look right on me. My lips are already bigenough — painting them red without the support of black eyeliner and a shimmering highlighter surprisingly seemed like overkill.

By day two, I had found ways to “cheat” by hiding behind things such as my hair and sunglasses, rushing past strangers in public, and not talking too much at work. Basically, I wanted to divert attention at all costs.

However, no one — not even my boyfriend — addressed the fact that I looked any different. No one called me silly (even though I said it numerous times to myself in frustration). No one cared, except me. Me wearing red lipstick didn’t have any effect on anyone else. It was a shock, because I hoped for the sake of this article I’d have more to write about. I assumed that I’d be picked on for looking ridiculous, but this wasn’t the case.

In fact, the only comments I received were compliments. At least four women stopped me in the street to ask where they could purchase my red lipstick. One person even flagged me down while I was at the beach for the same reason.

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